Ideas for gifting something special to your siblings this Season of Rakhi 2022

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The festive season is upon us, and aren’t we all super excited for a normal festive season after two years of sub-standardized celebrations? This festival inaugurates the festive season every year, which symbolizes safety and the bond between a brother and sister. 

This festival has always been a favorite among families where they engage in playful and light-headed banter, spend quality time with the entire family, relish sweets and delicacies, and make sweet memories. Lately, with the times changing, Rakhi has not only been celebrated between a brother and sister but anyone who you want to keep a bond with forever and keep the relationship more protected than ever. Friends and distant relatives have also started celebrating this tradition. Interestingly, today’s generation believes that why should only a brother protect his sister, a sister can also protect her sister and vice versa. 

So let’s see how we can make this festival more exciting this year and look at some of the best gift ideas for siblings:

  1. To buy gift cards

Do you know the difference between giving a gift card and simply just giving cash? When you buy gift cardsit shows that the other person has put in more effort and thought to understand what brand would his/her brother or sister be excited to shop from and shows the effort that the person has purchased a gift card rather than just gifting an envelope of cash. It also encourages the recipient to splurge themselves silly rather than cash used in some other way or gets invested rather than spending for themselves.

     2. Personalized gifts

Custom-made gifts often can be simple gifts, but the emotions attached to them bring a smile to the face of your loved ones. Some people cannot express themselves, and such people should use the medium of personalized gifts as it can make it easier for you. You can personalize products: Headphones, coffee mugs, personalized letters with childhood pictures, perfume bottles with engraved messages, etc.

      3. Wellness products 

Some people are really simple, and it becomes very challenging to buy gifts for such people. In this case, one can always look for health and wellness products that will be a reminder for the other person, which is “to take care of yourself.” Some products you can consider gifting are a happiness/ positivity journal, a healing book set, or a trailing plant bundle. These will be cherished by people who are generally not interested in gifts like clothing, makeup, etc. 

       4. A delicate piece of Jewelry

Of course, not everyone can afford to gift jewelry pieces to their siblings, but if you can, it makes for a very memorable and thoughtful gift. The gift need not be too expensive, but this shows that a lot of thought has gone into it. One can also personalize some jewelry to make it all the more memorable.

      5. Sweets and food

Isn’t food the best gift ever? Okay, it is for some who enjoy their food a lot and also for some with a sweet tooth who enjoy their desserts and chocolates to no end. For such people, you need not go too far. Simply pick up their favorite food items or cook them some of their much-loved dishes, and they are sold. You can also plan to take your sibling out for lunch/dinner to their favorite café/restaurant.

      6. Gift Hamper 

For curating a hamper, a lot of thought and idea needs to go in, so that a perfect gift box can be made which contains all of his/her much-loved stuff. This one is a time-consuming process, but then you can do this for your sibling. While shopping for gifts online shopping can also be preferred. To save some time – just order all the gifts that need to go in the hamper, and then you can select a gift box to put all those gifts in and decorate it beautifully to give it an aesthetic look. 

    7. Plan a day together 

We all know that today, with our busy lives after the pandemic, we are not able to spend the same quality time that we used to. This can work as a day out with your sibling – plan the day beautifully by doing all the things that the other person likes and cherishes. This is an amazing way to spend this day and make many memories together.

The sentiment is to celebrate love and express it through this beautiful festival. Also, siblings who are not present physically with each other can get them delivered to any part of the world like Canada, Australia, USA, UK, Germany, UAE, etc. 

Many gifting stores offer an amazing gifting experience also specially curated for long-distance siblings so that they can also celebrate this day of love and happiness while being distant and far away from each other. Here are some thoughtful ways to add festive cheer for the long-distance siblings:

  • A well-written greeting card that shows how special they are to you
  • Something for their room – some planters or equipment that he has been looking for a long time
  • You can book him a much-needed spa appointment online so that he can relax all his stress away.
  • A well-framed photo frame with your childhood pictures – because who doesn’t miss and love those days
  • Some self-care beauty and wellness products will also be a great idea to remind them about caring about themselves on this special day
  • You can also get a high-end perfume delivered to their place through some online gifting store. 
  • You can send a well-prepared box of sweets or delicacies hand-made by your mom that can stay for a longer duration of time and can be enjoyed while they miss home.
  • Last but most special, if you can make it possible – fly down to him/her and surprise them for this sweet occasion because they deserve it the most.


Whether you buy a gift or visit your sibling with a greeting card, make sure the moment is made extra special for both of you.


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