Wallnuts - UK Delivery Only
Walnuts are delicious and a great option for baking, cooking, or adding to breakfast cereals, salads and healthy dishes with a natural and rich taste. Nuts are superfood to the human body. Weight - 700gm Delivery Information * For Delivery...
Rs. 5,569
Mixed Fruits & Nuts - UK Delivery Only
We offer a high quality mix of natural mixed nuts including whole almonds, cashews, whole Brazil nuts, pecans and pistachios blended with juicy cranberries, jumbo raisins and golden raisins. Natural Fruit & Nut Mix is exploding with delicious crunchy nuts...
Rs. 5,738
Roasted Mixed Nuts - UK Delivery Only
Quality assortment of deliciously crunchy, salted, roasted nuts. Combining creamy Cashews and Almonds, moreish Macadamias and Brazil nuts with premium Pecans. Weight: Weight: 1kg Delivery Information * For Delivery in the UK only. * The image displayed is indicative in...
Rs. 7,594
Milk Chocolate Almonds - UK Delivery Only
Milk Chocolate Almonds are made using the finest dry roasted almonds, generously coated in a deliciously satisfying milk chocolate. These chocolatey and nutty treats are bound to satisfy your tastebuds! Weight: 1kg. Delivery Information * For Delivery in the UK...
Rs. 6,750
Dry and Roasted Pistachios - UK Delivery Only
One of the most commonly used nuts in the world.Pistachios are proved to provide various health benefits from weight loss to diabetes protection and improved digestion.Also these tasty little nuts contain vitamins,proteins,fats and minerals to provide with healthy benefits. Containing...
Rs. 6,244

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