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A daughter is a blessing for parents. She is their little Barbie  but parents always wish that she grows up as a strong independent woman. No matter how big she becomes, she will always be the little girl for her parents that once would roam around the house and fill it with all her chirpiness.

A mother sees a reflection in her daughter and for a father, she is the one who always looks up to him no matter what. Daughters are a blessing in disguise.

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Gift Hampers Hampers Elder Daughter
Personalized Gifts Bags Younger Daughter
Chocolates Watches Baby Daughter
Soft Toys & More Dolls & More. Married Daughter

Daughter’s Day Celebration

To celebrate the existence of a daughter, the world celebrates- Daughter’s Day. Every year, 23rd September is marked as Daughter’s Day across the world to let them know how special they are.

If till now you were not aware of this, still it’s not too late to make it special for your daughter. We know that no single day can show the love and affection you have for your daughter, but let this day be an excuse to pamper your kid.

Archies Daughter’s Day Gifts

This Daughter’s Day, make it the most happening and fruitful day for your baby girl and surprise her with some amazing gifts or hampers for daughters to mark the importance of this day. Not sure what can bring a wide smile on her face on 23rd September? Then we have the exact range of gifts exclusively for your daughter, gift her one of these andcreate numerous memories with her.

From personalised gifts, soft toys, fragrances, greeting cards to much more, we’ve a plethora of options for you that you can choose from and make this day special for your girl. Order now and create new memories.