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Father’s Day Gifts - Watches

Our homes are often the first school where we learn the lessons of life, for life. Beyond the classroom teachings lie the great test of life for which our homes prepare us. While on one side our mom pampers us with all her love, our dad on the other hand seeming to be emotionless at times, teaches us discipline, punctuality and perseverance. May be a father knows more about how the world waits for none and how things can drastically change if not attended in time. What we often fail to understand is that these teachings are nothing but his way of loving and caring for his kids.

Let’s make this fathers’ day an opportunity to recollect all those advices and lessons he had given us that made us who we are today. This fathers’ day, let’s promise him to follow his guidance and teachings and remain strong just the way he was.

Archies, on this fathers’ day brings to you a stock of affordable and quality wrist watches for men. Each of this classic time machine is different, catering to every style. So go on and pick up the one that stands for your dad’s style and mark this day in his heart forever.