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Father’s Day Gifts - Flowers

Come this fathers’ day and we find ourselves surrounded by myriad gifting options. If you are at sea selecting a perfect gift, why not make it simple yet grand with a bunch of flowers.

No, flowers are not feminine. Just because we call them pretty or beautiful and not ‘handsome’, they are not a gift that is exclusively reserved for ladies. As a thing of beauty, flowers are equally enticing to all. Though they may not remain fresh forever, these natural beauties can win anyone’s heart in seconds.

So this fathers’ day, pour out your love and wishes in a bunch of exotic flowers from Archies. Let’ break away from those usual expensive accessories and turn to a natural and pleasanter way of saying how much he means to you. From classic roses to exotic orchids and lilies, you will find a good collection of blooms at Archies to wake him up with. Together with your warm wishes and a tight hug for all that he has done for you till date, these flowers will make an excellent gift. So go ahead, say it with these beauties and make this day a memorable one. After all, it isn’t every day that you get to see him blush!