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Father’s Day Gifts – Buy/Send Flowers and cakes

He would walk tirelessly behind his angel so that she does not fall while making those baby steps. He would make his chest a cozy bed for her to fall asleep after an uneasy evening. Tying her shoes and doing her hair, he would become her mother, when her mother is not around. A father is a daughter’s first love and the kind of person she would like to find in her partner. Growing old, not all her desires will be fulfilled, as he knows the best for his daughter than herself. Giving her everything she ‘needs’ and not everything she ‘wants’, a father teaches her to lead a realistic life.

This fathers’ day, let’s be grateful for everything god has given us through that one man, our dad. For all the times he backed us and for those when he left us to our own to become stronger, let’s thank him from the bottom of our heart. It’s time we pampered our dad just as he does, making him feel the king that he has always been to us.

Celebrate this father’s day with heart touching gifts from Archies. Fill his day with the fragrance of exotic flowers and the sweetness of scrumptious cakes. Let him know that his angel is blessed to have a dad like him.