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Father’s Day Gifts - Stationery

We, as kids adored superheroes. Playing strong and fighting the evil, they were the epitome of courage, compassion and righteousness. Little did we realize that they were reel and were characters created by people to entertain and spread message. Turning to real life, we could find only one such superhero; our dad. Though he didn’t jump across high rise buildings and saved many lives, he surely molded ours. Whatever it was- hard work, good decision or perseverance- the first lessons came always from him. He had a way of teaching us the virtues and morals the fun way, and sometimes, it was through his own life. We owe him big time for those very teachings are what we are made of.

For that everyday unsung hero, who often cheer and support us from back stage, let’s dedicate this one day. This fathers’ day let’s promise ourselves to become his pride one day. Celebrate this dad’s day as none other and make him feel the superhero he has always been to you.

Choose from a wide array of stationery designed especially for your superhero from Archies. From classic metallic pens to quotation books to keep him going on, you can find a perfect fathers’ day gift here. Shop online and gift him the respect and love packed in tiny goodies from Archies.