Father’s Day Gifts – Notebook18 Gifts



Gifting isn’t about giving expensive /luxurious items that your loved ones will use seldom if ever. As Charles Warner puts it – the excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value. So this fathers’ day, if you are looking for a practical/ usable gift that your dad would use every day, Archies brings to you the best of ideas. A notebook may sound funny as a gift, but not these. These notebooks with cool cover and super fine pages can make for a perfect planner or journal that will always be in use.

So give him a reason to pen down more of those feelings, thoughts or plans and bring back that love for writing. Though we now have plenty of options of creating planners online, there isn’t really one that can replace the fun and accessibility of a physical book. And, if your dad is someone who prefers the concept of pen and paper to typing and texting, this is the one for him. With a gift like this that he will use every day, you will always be in his mind, no matter how far you are, physically. What more can you wish for than to be in someone’s thoughts every single day?