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Gift for Father - Notebooks

We have all often wished to pen down our thoughts at a place where no one can read them. We have also always wanted a secret friend we can say anything and everything to. With the advent of notebook not many people are devoid of this secret friend.

Notebooks are extremely helpful, when we don’t want a wonderful thought crossing our mind, to fade away.

Since time immemorial, a child has been a father’s notebook, the blank page that they can write upon. The one they can decorate with beautiful words and even more beautiful values. However, now that we the children are all grown up and most of the pages have been filled, it’s time we gift our rock solid man- our father, a place where they can meltdown a bit. A place to convey their concealed emotions, a place to treasure their words and a place to pen down how much he loves us or his family or his work or maybe a place to jot down his hobbies or a diet plan that he has been planning to follow for long.

Archies online brings to you an entire gallery filled with quirky as well as classy notebooks. Give your father a notebook with a brainy quote to motivate him, each time he looks at it.

‘Life is good’, ‘Live every moment’, ‘You are incredibly awesome’ – the collection has all sorts of notebooks with varied quotes. Present a ‘You are FAN- TASH- TIC’ notebook to surprise your dad and watch his eyes gleam with love.