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Gift for Father – Pens

Since childhood, at one point or the other, have not we all wanted to hold a pen and express whatever we wanted? We wanted to read and write, write the stories- heard and unheard.

When we had thoughts, but no one to listen to, we used our mighty weapon – The pen and went on to fill pages.

But who provided us those pens? Who made sure that whenever we needed to express or needed to write something that we have just learned, we were not empty handed. Our Father, it was him who ensured it. From the time when we were little, he has always taught us how our words and our mind hold all the power in the world. It has been said that “The pen is the tongue of the mind”. And it’s time that we gift one to the person who has taught us how and when to use it.

Unlike mothers, fathers do not express much and thus, it is all the more important to gift the man a tool to let his words flow, a partner who will rest in his pocket when unused and create wonders when used.

Archies online presents to you a comprehensive range of pens to present to your father, for him to pen down his important tasks as well as thoughts. 

Gift him a sophisticated golden pen or choose beauties like- Metallic grey pen, Royal red pen set, alpha black and silver pen set or Sheaffer 9312 BP. Make him feel special because he is worth all the attention.