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Friendship Day - the first Sunday of August - is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the world. It is a day dedicated to thank all special people in our lives with whom we may not have any blood relationship, but still they define our world. Whether you are flying high in life or down in the dump, your friends are always there to share your happiness and sorrows. This Friendship Day, surprise them with a special gift and express your gratitude. We, at Archies Online, understand the value of your emotions and give you an opportunity to strengthen the bond you share with friends with premium Friendship Day bands and bracelets. Choose from a range of exclusive handmade and embroidered Friendship Day bands and bracelets for your friends and let them know how much they mean to you!

Celebrate Togetherness with Friendship Day Bands

Friendship Day is synonymous with friendship bands that first burst into the scenes during the 1970s and became an instant hit with teenagers. Today, their popularity is not limited to the young generation, but even adults are fascinated with Friendship Day bands and bracelets, and exchange them as gifts. Archies Online offers an exciting range of Friendship Day bands and bracelets in various styles and patterns that you can gift your friends. Most of our collection is a simple half-hitch knot that you need to tie on the wrist of your dear friends. Friendship Day bands and bracelets are perfect gift option as they double up as a fashion accessory. Your friends can wear it everywhere to enhance their style quotient. Archies Online offers Friendship Day bands and bracelets made of waterproof materials, which means your friends can wear it all the time, without any worry.

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Exclusive Collection
Archies Online gives you enough reasons to celebrate the special bond you share with your friends. In addition to Friendship Day bands and bracelets, you can also shop for beautiful Friendship Day greeting cards, flowers, cakes, personalized gifts, and other gifts to thank your friends. Archies Online also gives you an opportunity to be creative with personalized Friendship Day greeting cards, cakes, and flowers.

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We use high-grade packing materials and employ modern shipping methodologies to make sure every gift is delivered to its destination in perfect condition. We have also set up an in-house quality control unit that verifies the packaging of every gift - be it a friendship band, bracelet or greeting card.

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Archies Online understands how important it is for you that the gift is delivered on time, preferably the same day. That is why we have built a strong delivery team and a wide network of our fulfillment partners that enables us to deliver orders the same day. Buy Friendship Day flowers, bands, bracelet, greeting cards, or cakes, and we'll arrange for same day delivery.

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Choose from our exclusive collection of Friendship Day bands, bracelets, cards, flowers, and cakes and make the day extra special! To learn more about our products or services, write to us at or simply call 011-40751499.