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Celebrate the Festival of Colours with Archies Exclusive Holi Gifts

The year 2021 is in its third month, winter has left, and spring is here! But that's not all; spring opens the year to many festivals of India. The first festival celebrated all over the country is a celebration filled with colours, and that is Holi. It is a time to come together with family and friends to spread the love and warmth of all the colours in the world. It brings with it a time to pray, a time to rejoice and a time to enjoy the endless variety of delicacies. Just hold on, to make it even more special, Archies has got a pocket full of Holi gift accessories for all the people you'll be celebrating with.

Archies Makes Gifts for Everyone

Who are you shopping for - a family member, a friend, an employee or an employer? You name it, Archies has personalized its Holi section to fit all your wants and needs. 

Wait a minute, are you looking for Holi corporate gifts? Or Holi gift hampers? Yes, Archies thought of you too. 

Just a moment, I hear another worry. Online shopping and home delivery? Yes, Archies has got the safety aspect covered as well. Shop online or visit the stores. We are ready for Holi, are you?

Here's What in Store for You

There are millions of people celebrating the festival of colours, but we know you'd want something special with a personal touch for your loved ones. So here is a list of things you can get for this Holi special. Archies aim to make gifts that are meaningful to the festival itself. Let's start with, of course, the Holi colours for your entire family, kids or adults, to play with. The colours are chemical-free, so you don't have to worry about any skin damage. Were you looking for Holi corporate gifts? Well, Archies presents sweet hampers to spread joy. India's famous delicacies - gulab jamun, rasgulla, chocolate hampers will bring a smile to the receiver's face. Jewellery for your sister, mother, wife or Dadi is perfect for adding that pinch of sparkle on Holi. Archies has got an impressive range of Holi gifts for you. 

Hold your horses, looking for something personal? Well, Archies also personalizes gifts like cushions, mugs, greeting cards and frames as per your design. Couple the gift with chocolate hampers to make it even sweeter.

However, if you're also looking to spread the festival to more people, employees at an office, or a firm, get them a greeting card instead.

Besides the mentioned items, you can also find other gifts like watches, wallet, cufflinks, sling bags for women and men and many more.

Archies Online Services

Don't let the current Covid - 19 situation cripple your love for Holi. Archies can do it all for you. Archies online can spread love all over India with their services. Archies offers express delivery to make sure your loved ones get the gift on time, international shipping for your family far from home and free cancellation of order within five days if your order is prepaid. 

Archies takes a step further to make your gift special because of its themed packaging. The recipient will already feel the celebration of Holi from its wrapping. 

Holi accessories gift Online

Holi itself represents the world's colour, and its joy of celebrating is best when it is shared with near and dear ones. The memories shared on a special day will become your story one day, and exchanging gifts is part and parcel of the festival. So, try Archies and colour the world of your people in a more meaningful way.