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Jewellery Gifts for Mothers


Ask any child about who the most influential woman of their life is? The answer will always be his/her mother. The woman who brought them into this world.

Mother have an exceptional influence on a child’s life.

All mothers are an epitome of beauty – to each child his/her own.

Mothers are the strongest ladies with the purest heart and even more purer intentions for her child.

But, we the little ones often forget to make these beautiful and strongest ladies of ours feel special, to thank them for being by our side and lifting us up on our best and the worst days.

Remember: No matter what day it is, what’s precious must be valued and appreciated.

 Looking for ideas?  Well what’s a better way to surprise a woman than giving her a best friend.

Jewellery is a women’s best friend. So, hurry up and choose a best friend for your mother.

Archies Online brings to you an exclusive range of jewellery pieces such as rings, bracelets, earrings to choose from and elevate your special lady’s look.  A perfect blend of sophistication, elegance and simplicity, Archies collection is worthy enough to make your ‘oh so precious’, feel  gorgeous and fashionable. Adorn her with jewels and watch her face light up with a million-dollar smile.

Do not wait.

Choose a perfect occasion (be it Mother’s Day, Mom’s birthday or your Mom & Dad’s Wedding Anniversary) and an all the more perfect statement jewellery. Make her feel loved because that gorgeous smile of hers is totally worth it.