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Mother’s Day accessories

Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother” – Lin Yutang

To do great things, you need an even greater heart and your mother did. As easy as it may seem to us, choosing motherhood is life changing. It’s a promise a woman makes in her life to give up anything and everything if it’s for her child. Everything is secondary when it comes to her child. Those days when she dressed up, adored herself in the mirror or took out time to hang out with her friends would all look like things in a rear mirror. Her world starts revolving around her child and a new chapter of life is opened. That’s the story of every mother and so is of our mothers too.

Fast forward a few years, her child is grown up, old enough to take care of himself/herself. Now it’s time he/she started caring his mother back. 

Now, the world that we are for our mothers, let’s make her life bright and vibrant again. As mother’s day is drawing closer, let’s gift her something that she would go nostalgic about. Now for that, you need to know what her taste is like. Yes, a bit of a work, but hey, it’s OUR mother’s day! The rest of the work is easy, as you have Archies to help you out.

Archies mother’s day collection includes some of the coolest accessories your mother would love to have in her closet. Choose from our vibrant collection of key chains, watches, gorgeous bags and scarfs and more and turn her back to the diva she once was.