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Mother’s Day flowers and cakes


Come another Mother’s day and here we are, overwhelmed and excited, treasuring the love and care our mothers had always poured on us.  For this one day, we refuse to take her for granted and realize the blessing that she has been, throughout our lives. It is as if her caressing, pampering and timely guidance which were too insignificant to be noted till yesterday, appear to be angelic today. So, are we been duped by the fancy notion of mother’s day? Or, are we being silly to assume that we inherit this godly figure, just as one of the birthrights?

To experience a mother’s love in our life is perhaps the biggest luxury we can ever ask for, for in her shade we grow; with her love, we flourish and with her guidance, we succeed. If it takes a mother’s day for this to dawn on us, we indeed need to celebrate it. Make her feel special and how much her presence has made your life beautiful. Nothing can be ‘too much’ for this day. Gift her your time, freshness of a bloom, sweetness of a cake or chocolate and say it in style – ‘You mean the world to me’.

Now, when it comes to gifting, you know where to head. Archies has, since its existence, strived to make occasions meaningful and memorable. For this Mother’s Day, we have picked up some exotic collection of flowers – both rare and common and some great flavors for scrumptious cakes to make her feel the ‘queen’ that she is to you.