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Mother’s Day Home decor

A mother is a woman like no other. For her child, her love is always a mystery – kind when it is broken, tough when it is wrong, light when it is in dark and strength when it is weak.  Her unconditional, unending and forgiving love makes our life cozy and comfortable in the midst of despair and stress that the world offers.  She is our home, the person we can run to when in tears and find solace in her warm hug. To have a mother’s lap to lie on is the biggest comfort you can ask for when you feel the world pressing itself against you. Her life is so weaved into ours that we cannot imagine a life without her. But, what we often fail to realize is that she too, is a fragile human – a soul that longs to be loved and cared, pampered and cuddled just like us. Just like any of us, she too wants to hear it and feel it to believe it. So, this Mother’s Day, show her the love she deserves.  

Archies realizes the home and haven that your mothers are to you and have thus come with cool home décor items that will not only be a perfect gift for her but also a classy addition to your home.