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Mother’s Day Note gifts


She is the face of wisdom, purity and grace. Hers is the face that calms you in your deepest despair.  ‘Coz mothers keep the purest corner of her heart for her child. Strong a woman she may be, but for the child, she is a figure of love, warmth and grace. The moment motherhood dawns on her, her priority shifts. It’s in her child that she finds the beauty of the world. Everything in the world suddenly becomes secondary to a mother. Slowly, you grow. You grow with the strength, time and efforts your mother lavishes on you, all of which she steals and hoards from herself and the world, for the world that you are to her now.

This Mother’s day, let’s thank her for the time, thoughts and wishes she gave up to give us the best of childhood, teenage and even our youth.   It’s time, we gave her back the blush, she would have once flaunted with pride.

Partnering with Note - one of the youngest, affordable and high quality cosmetic product brands, Archies offers you a range of beauty products to take your mother back to her glamorous teens. With products that are Paraben and cruelty free, we assure the purest soul, the best of make up experience. Wouldn’t you love to see your mother blush, the way she did in those old college photographs? She must have now become the queen but we all know, age is just a number. As long as her spirit is free, let her remain the princess she once was.