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Mother’s Day cushions and pillows


From the turmoil of the world and the chaos in your mind, hers is the face that will take you to peace.  Her placid face, soothing touch and kind words heal the deepest of the wounds. No matter how old you grow or how far you go, you come home to peace if you are at your mother’s lap. In this roller coaster ride of life, it’s her companionship and support that strengthen us to move forward, each day. Our greatest of blessings is that we remain a child to our mother forever, just like we were when she first took us in her hands.

This mother’s day, let’s raise a toast to the most deserving person, who has never been on the limelight. Let’s thank her for the person she has made out of us, molding, guiding and caring like an invisible power.

Celebrate this joyous occasion with Archies with personalized gifting ideas. Symbolizing the warmth and comfort of a mother’s hand, our collection includes soft and satiny cushions and pillows among many other novel gifting ideas to which you can add a personal touch. Customize these ultra-soft cushions and pillows with photos of your memories with your mother and bring that wide smile on her face.