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Mother’s Day mugs and sippers


“A mother’s love is whole no matter how many times divided”

Every time a child is born, a mother is born. Her body may not remain the same, but her love is eternal. With the birth of a new child, she is filled again with love and the power to sacrifice herself, one more time. Her body will have to go through all of it again, weakening her physically, but she bears it all for she knows the joy that lies ahead.

A new life that came out of her, literally feeding on her, has given her more strength to live, sacrifice and love, unconditionally. Where else on the planet, can you find a love so pure, so magical and so giving? We are not just obliged, but blessed, to love and care for someone like her.

This mother’s day, let’s honor the pain and struggle she has been through, raising us to the gentlemen and ladies we are now. Pamper her with your precious time, warm hugs, slimiest kisses and cool gifts. Don’t shy away, you can never go overboard with a Mother’s Day celebration.

To make your mother’s day even more exciting and personal, Archies has come up with cool gifts which can be personalized by adding your favorite memories with her. One of our all -time hits is personalized mugs and sippers. Made of high quality material and adorned with your beautiful picture, these can be a perfect and practical gift for your mother.