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Mother’s day Personalized Cards


You can never thank her enough for being your mother. As fancy it might sound today, she is your support system. From the moment you wake up to the moment you crash, your mother is a part of your day. Ever wondered how blessed we are to inherit such a lovely soul, with nothing asked in return?  May be mother’s day are more for us than for our mothers. ‘Coz they will continue to love and care for us the same way irrespective of what we plan for her on mother’s day. It is a day to remind ourselves of the greatest blessing we have received and how well we treasure it.

Now, how do you say that she means the world to you? Expressing your love can be tough, especially if you are too modest to show it with hugs and kisses.  Thoughtful words and wishes may be clashing in your mind, but you may stumble at the very beginning. Why not just pen it down?  After all, you don’t have anything more powerful than prayers and wishes to touch hearts.

Believing in this magic of words, this Mother’s Day, Archies gives you the choice of personalizing cards.  Our mother’s day cards are artistically designed to help you send love even when you are miles away. Together with your personal message, these cards make for a simple and perfect gift for your mother. You can also choose to add pictures of those joyous moments you have spent with her. Yes, her eyes may well up, but of course, out of happiness.

So this time, gift yourself and your mother a good time together, reliving those memories and making new ones.