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Mother’s Day stationery Gifts

Mothers are our strength when the world around is going upside down.  With a kind smile and a gentle stroke, she has the power to melt the greatest of your worries and frowns. In her arms alone, we find peace and solace. May be this is the biggest reason the creator created her – to be the never-ending stream of love and care, in which you can get drowned and bring your worried heart to peace. For the countless times her unconditional love and care has made us stronger, we pray to the almighty to be born every time to her and her alone.

For the strength she filled us with, the lessons she taught us and the love she wrapped us in, this life is not enough to thank her. Yet, let’s make a beginning on this auspicious day. Let this Mother’s Day be the beginning of our realization of the blessings the almighty has poured on us through our mothers, because being grateful for the things we have in life, we attract more of it.

From this day on, let’s treasure her love a little more, love her back a little more. Let’s make this bond stronger by adding little things each day. May be a helping hand at her work or a smile on her gentle stroke? How about starting them all with a simple and humble gift?

Archies brings you an exclusive and cool collection of stationery Gifts for Mother’s Day. This Mother’s Day, present her one of these and express your love for her.