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There are many children in this world that are striving to have better life and education. No child should be deprived of basic survival rights such as participation, protection and development.

However, there are many situations due to which these children are far away from living a good life. However, one of India’s largest NGO CRY is working towards fulfilling the objective of providing every Indian child their basic rights and give them the hope of dreaming for a better future. They act as a link between the millions of Indians who could provide resources and thousands of dedicated people who are willing to help them in eradicating problem from the grass root level. Being a big and major part of this NGO is not possible for everyone and it’s not practical. But every bit of contribution can help in every manner and thus you can also help in the smallest way possible. How? Just buy products like calendars, notebooks, dairies and much more from CRY and give in your contribution towards giving many children a bright future. These products from CRY are perfectly suitable for your New Year presents as they have been made accordingly. Every contribution can have a big impact on these children’s lives and no harm goes in contributing some amount towards such initiative. So if you’re looking for some special yet useful gifts for your loved ones, think about selecting gifts from CRY because your contribution will have a positive effect on 3 people- you, your loved one and the child at CRY.