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Note Compact

Compacts are magical. While other products highlights one or the other feature on our face, compacts humbly sets the perfect tone, as if gesturing a warm welcome to them.  Though applied at the beginning of all make up regime, compacts and foundations are often the ones that finish the look.  With the cute little box they usually come in, compacts are one of the loved make up essentials of all time.

Bringing to you all the magic of this pressed powder with nourishing oils like argon and vitamin E is Note, one of the premium cosmetic names across the world. From tanned skin to honey glazed to fairy fair skin, Note has a compact for every tone. These not only give you a flawless even tone but also reduce the formation of acne and pimples on oily skin. Being feather light and silky smooth, these compacts will hide your blemishes and spots without giving you the slightest of sense of having worn a make- up.

To complete a make- up regime, you need a compact. To make it perfect, you need a Note compact. Dust it with a Note buffer brush or beauty sponge and make way for an elegant look with Note’s amazing collection of make- up products.