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You need stationery if you work at an office, are a student or a housewife. Every walk of life needs you to keep records, write out notes and journals. Whatever the calling in your life, colourful notebooks and journal make it better. There is a vast variety of stationery items that is available in the market. Archies is one place where you get the best ones. They have beautiful covers, quirky and thoughtful. Some have quotations that touch your soul. We do not even realize how important these little things can be till we are stuck with not having one of these notebooks in our hand.

You are busy and distracted and may forget to mark important dates and meetings. Fear not, Archies understands that calendars are an essential stationery item. Set deadlines and important dates that you cannot afford to miss on this calendar. Not only do you remember the all-important dates but also enjoy the process of keeping track on beautiful pieces of art.

Fancy diaries come with a lock and key. Women love to keep secrets – Your wife will love this gift for sure. It is a beautiful way to pour out your feelings and keep it safe from the outside world in a space that is yours alone. The colorful designs and the lock and key system are just perfect for her keep her little secrets. Your wife will love you for this thoughtful addition to her stuff. Notebooks with multiple kinds of pages, blank, ruled, and colorful are available on Archies Online. These multi-utility pieces are not only functional but pretty too. Indulge and stay happy.