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Women’s Day Flowers – Buy/Send Online India

Flowers and cakes are a gift that nobody can ever say no to. Everybody has although their own favourite flowers and variants of cakes, but once served or presented, they will always gladly accept. The gift of a stunning flower bouquet can make a huge difference to someone’s mood. Similarly, a freshly baked cake that has the perfect fondant or icing can bring someone’s appetite back. Hence, send some fresh flowers and scrumptious cakes this Women’s Day.

No matter what the occasion, a well served cake is always appreciated. And for flowers, you don’t need a special day or occasion to bring home some. Your home deserves some love and a fresh whiff every day. Hence, don’t just wait for special occasions to bring home some fresh cakes and flowers.

Then there are occasions when you truly cannot figure out what to buy as a gift to present someone on their special day like on anniversaries or congratulating them for an achievement. This is when cakes and flowers come to your rescue. They compliment all occasions Besides, you can also consider them as an add-on gift.

Archies offers a plethora of different variants of flowers and cakes to choose from. The flowers come in magnificent settings, arrangements, and even on bunches. For cakes, we have a complete paradise where you will find exciting variants like regular, chocolate truffle, theme based, cheese cakes and what not.

Bonus – On cakes and flowers, we promise a same-day-delivery on all orders. What more can you ask for? Just place your order and keep an eye on the door. It’ll be arriving any minute.